Women’s Half Marathon

We had so much fun during the weekend of the Women’s Half Marathon.  It was nice to get away with my mom and good friend Melody and leave the stress of work and motherhood for a short while this past weekend.

I was so impressed with the expo for this event.  They gave us a nice bag that we could use for our groceries.  We got coupon organizers, hand sanitizer, and lots of free samples.  The best part of the expo was when we got to design our own headband and then have our pictures taken like we were on the cover of a magazine.

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready.  We were going to walk to the starting line since it was only a mile away but decided to drive on over.  I am so glad we did because I could barely walk to the car when we all finished!  God was also watching us because we didn’t put money in the meter and was a little worried that our car would be towed or we might have a ticket.  We didn’t have any change on us so we took a chance and prayed.  It is amazing how God cares even about the small stuff in our lives.

There were about 3,000 runners in all. The course was nice and flat.  I ran with a pace group this time and really learned a lot.  We stayed at a nice pace of a 10:05 minute mile most of the way.  I did fall a tad bit behind after mile 9.  I am used to running and walking a tad bit so I slowed down because it was exhausting running the whole time.  I had to speed up at the end to make my goal.

There was a lot of music and entertainment on the course.  It was nice to hear the crowd cheer my name as I passed by.  I guess they were looking at my bib.  After I finished I went back to meet my mom around mile 10. It was nice to catch up and spend some time with her on the course.  I was a little disappointed that the entertainment and crowd was gone for the last 100 people completing the 1/2 marathon.  These are the ones that really do need the encouragement and cheers.  Usually towards the end you will find your senior citizen runners, disabled runners, and runners that have a little bit of weight on them.  It’s more tough for them to complete the course. I am so happy to see these people out there and overcoming challenges and completing the course.  We were able to cheer the last runner on as she was completing the course.  She deserves 2 medals!

Overall I am very happy with this half.  I was able to complete my goal of finishing at 2:15.  My Garmin time was 2:14 @ 13.10 miles.  The course was longer at 13.33.  My official time from the Women’s Half was 2:16.  I’m sticking to my Garmin time!

If you haven’t completed a half marathon yet, I highly encourage you to do so. Even if you walk the course.  It is such a great atmosphere to be around people encouraging and lifting each other up. The bible even speaks about encouraging one another.  Can you imagine how wonderful life would be if we would focus on others and lift each other up?

Speaking of encouragement, I ran into my friend Abby at the Women’s Half.  This was her first and she rocked it out and looked so awesome.  Congratulations on your finish!

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  • You may never know just how proud I am of you Jessica. To be a busy mother of 4, an incredible wife, serving at our church…..and still you take the time to be fit and to glorify the Lord in the process. I LOVE YOU!