Wild Wednesday



Yesterday was such a busy day for me.  Wednesdays are my most hectic days of the week so  I decided to get up at 5:30 am to do a real quick mile run.  I figured since I really didn’t have time to devote to training, I would just focus on my speed.  I know most people wouldn’t even bother to get up for such a short run but I ended up doing 1.6 miles in about 14 minutes and I had some time to talk with God before my day began. I talk to God a lot while I am running.  I still managed to keep my time under a ten minute mile.  My philosophy is “Something is better than nothing.”  So if your struggling just to get out the door, just set short goals and take it one day at a time.

Right now my training consists of 2 short runs during the week and one long run on Saturday. If I do a little more, then it is a bonus!  During the short runs, I focus on my speed.  Right now I am trying to keep under a 10 minute mile with a goal of a 9 minute average.  I haven’t reached it yet but will continue to try.  On Saturdays, I focus on distance so my time is longer.  This system seems to work for me.  The other days I like to take Zumba class and some strength training at the YMCA.  One book that I highly recommend to read is “4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon.” I have learned so much and it even provides a menu plan for the race week.  I plan on trying the menu out the week of my 1/2 marathon in November.  I purchased the book on Amazon and it was cheap.

So back to yesterday, as soon as I got off work, I had to drive the girls to dance, then take them to church afterwards.  It’s such a long day, however, I love dance and it makes me so happy to see the girls in their class.  I am already counting down the days to their recital.

Because of the hectic day, we had dinner from Zaxby’s in the car.  I try to eat healthy when I have to eat fast.  I decided to order a grilled chicken sandwich with no fries.  BEWARE of grilled chicken sandwiches! I looked up the nutrition information online and discovered that a grilled chicken sandwich has about 40 grams of fat!  It’s not the meat, it’s the sauce and the bun that has all those fat calories.  I should have ordered the sandwich without the sauce and it would have saved me 20 grams of fat. Luckily for lunch I had a salad and yogurt.  Does anyone have any healthy suggestions for for ordering healthier meals at fast food places?  Maybe I should pack their meal the night before and not go out to eat on those crazy days.  I could have it in a cooler and we can eat and get to dance on time.

I am glad my husband pushed me to start writing my journey on this blog that he created for me.  It provides me with a great tool to document all of my training.  I guess it’s more like a fancy diary but without the lock and key because who ever wants to read it can.  I am trying to upload my Garmin activity so I can keep track of that but am having trouble getting it to upload on this blog.  My wonderful husband can figure it out this weekend!

3 Responses to “Wild Wednesday

  • If I must go thru for fast food, I usually order the grilled chicken salad or the grilled chicken sandwich without the bread or sauce. It’s a little messy. haha! It does save you a lot of calories. I like Chick-Fil-A because they have a fruit bowl that I will usually get along with the piece of grilled chicken. Just a thought. Great job with your training. We are at about the same place right now with pace and mileage. 😉