Turkey Trot 5K

We had such a blast with friends and family today at the YMCA Turkey Trot.  The girls were so excited about it that they were up before me this morning.  We met up with some of our friends from church and we gave our best.

On Saturdays I usually do I long run but wanted to do this with my friends and family so I decided missing one long one won’t hurt me.  There are still 11 more weeks until the full marathon in January.  In two weeks, my mom, Melody, and I will be doing the Women’s Half Marathon.  This week I have also have had trouble with my calf.  My left calf has been hurting so bad that on Thursday I decided to walk three miles instead of running it.  I wanted to push myself more for the Turkey Trot but didn’t want to make my leg hurt more.

Everything went great for this event.  We even got yellow reusable grocery bags with a green t-shirt.  I didn’t know we were getting a shirt so I didn’t wear shorts to match.   It was a little bit chilly in the morning.  I am thankful that I wore a long sleeved shirt.  I had to take it off after mile 1 because I was getting hot.  This was my best pace ever for a 5K.  I finished at 27:48.  I realize that at my age I will not be taking home the prize turkey or even a pie!  I did place 4th for my age group!

It was so much fun being able to cheer everyone on as they crossed the finish line.  I did not see Josh cross because he finished way before me, but I was able to cheer everyone else on.  All my friends and family did amazing.  Some even had to push a child in a stroller.  I have trouble just running by myself let alone a stroller to push.  They deserve to have a few minutes shaved off their time for that!

The kids were so precious to watch.  For most of the kids, this was their first race. They got to do a little obstacle course and then they had to run a mile. The kids got medal. What a great way for families to teach kids about staying in shape and being healthy.  We are looking forward to taking the girls to to the Color Run in December. it was also nice to have my husband Michael take all kinds of pictures for us.  He is amazing.  Usually, I don’t have him come to events like this but since we had our kids and friends, he was became out photographer.


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  • So proud of you Jessica! Even with a hurt calf, you still managed to PR! Love you dearly!