Treasure Hunt Run

Last Saturday my mom and daughter Rachel got up to run 3.5 miles.  We read in the newspaper about this pirate treasure run and thought it would be fun to do.  I was very happy that this race offered a $10.00 coupon code and a discount for being a teacher!  Usually the discount is for military and police and firemen.  It’s about time someone remembers the teachers!

This was a local event in Plant City so that is the main reason we decided to do this last minute.  The race began at 8:45.  It was not a timed race but you had to finish in an hour in order to keep any treasure that you may have found.  They hid 200 little treasure boxes in the forest.  (More of a wetland) There was a path but at the pirate signs you knew that you can stray away from the path to find the treasure boxes.  They were very well hidden.  My daughter Rachel was able to find 2 boxes.  She gave one to me because you can only cross the finish line with just one box.

They even made sure we had plenty of water.  You just had to get it yourself since it was a small event.  No problem here!


Inside the boxes were coins.  You were not allowed to open the sealed box until you crossed the finish line and then you handed it to the DJ.  He announced what you won.  You then had a choice to donate your money to the charity or keep the treasure for yourself!  I’m so glad I didn’t get the $1,000 treasure because I would have wanted to keep it.  Yes, that’s the truth. Think of all the running I could do with a $1,000!  But God knows my heart and I only won $5.00 so I gladly handed it over to the charity.

It was a neat event to attend.  My mom was not able to find a box and Rachel didn’t find a third box so she didn’t get a chance to win any money.  At least my mom got another beautiful medal to hang on her rack.  And another memory recorded in the books.


One Response to “Treasure Hunt Run

  • This is adorable Jessica!! I love your honesty. I too would have had a hard time handing over $1,000…luckily God knows us SO well that he would only give us what He knows we can easily hand over. So fun! I have loved following your journey for these months…so glad your blogging didn’t end with the Mack-Daddy Marathon! You are inspiring me to want to run too!!! Thanks! (ps, I haven’t forgotten about our BBQ! One day this summer maybe?)