Stretching and Why Do We Run?

Last night my friend Tina and I went for a quick 3 mile run.  We were able to keep the time under 10 minutes.  It would have been nice to run faster but I just couldn’t.  It is wise to listen to your body and not over do it.  Otherwise you will be at risk for injury.  I am noticing that I run slower at night and wonder if it’s because I am so tired from a long day at work.  Who knows?  I am trying not to over train myself and since the past two weekends I went out to run 12 miles and only did 9, I figured I would take it easy so I can be all ready for Saturday’s long run. I know I need to build stamina so I can go 26.2 miles so I am going to have to plan on doing more sometime soon.  After looking at the Disney Marathon route map the other day, it really scared me.

Stretching is so important to do after a run but often forget to do it.  It wasn’t until my head hit the pillow last night that I realized that I forgot to stretch.  My calf often cramps up so I should at least work on my calves.  There are many types of stretches that you can do.  I like to focus on my calves and quads because they usually hurt the most.  I wonder what real runners do?  (I like to post pictures in this blog but didn’t have one while stretching so this is off the internet!)

There are many reasons why people sign up to run a race.  I am often inspired by those who go all out and raise money for a cause that is close to their heart.  My friend Melody has raised money for the pregnancy care center’s walk for life event and did the Disney Princess 1/2 last year to raise money for Team Freedom.  My biological father passed away in April from Leukemia and I have thought about running with the  Team Leukemia and Lymphoma  Society to raise money for cancer research.  There are a lot of great causes that we can run for and we can search the internet for information.  I emailed the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and they were so friendly and ready to help me find an event that I wanted to run.  The problem is that I chickened out due to my fear.  I’m hoping I will get the courage soon.  My friend gave me a flyer from the ASPCA so there are a lot of options out there to run for.  When you sign up to run with a team, there seems to be benefits as well. I noticed that you can get into some events that may already be sold out.   They may provide coaching, encouragement, and sometimes even an outfit to wear!  Sounds fun.

Why do you run?

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