Strawberry Distance Challenge 5K

Last Saturday my mom, Rachel, and Naomi got up early to run the Strawberry Distance Challenge 5K in Plant City.  This is a special race for my mother and I because a year ago it was my mother and I first running event that we had done.  It’s hard to believe a year has flown by again.  The event takes place in Walden Lake.

This was Rachel’s fourth 5k and she placed 1st again for her age group.  After looking at the results, I noticed that she placed 11th out of close to 200 females that participated!  The funny thing is that she didn’t even train for the event.  She just woke up and ran it.  There is potential for her if she put in the time.  Right now, she just wants to have fun so no pressure for her.

Naomi also ran the event without training and did amazing.  She placed 3rd for her age group.  I was proud of her for running.  She always has a smile on her face!

My mother did more than awesome because she set a new PR!  She finished at an 11:59 pace!  Now I know her potential and I won’t take an excuse from her when we go out running together.  She was a little disappointed that she didn’t take home a medal because all of us placed but she is a winner!  She beat her time and completed the 3.1 miles.

That’s what I love about running.  Your in a race against yourself.  My goal for this race was to finish in under 27:48 because that was my last 5K time.  I am happy to say that it was accomplished.  I think the Lord had to help the last tenth of the mile.  When I looked back at my splits on my Garmin, I laughed because the last tenth I sprinted at a 7:30 pace!  There was a lady that was about to run past me and I just didn’t want to let her pass so I sprinted the last tenth of the run to the finish line!  Once the results were posted, I am embarrassed to say that the sprint allowed me to place 3rd for my age group!  I placed third by one second!  I did not realize that you must finish strong until that day.

We had friends and youth there as well.  Some of our students from Shiloh’s youth ministry were there because they had sponsors that gave them money for summer camp if they raced the event.  Some of the students raised close to $100 for their summer camp!  Way to go and God is so good!

My husband had the job of taking photos for us.  I wished that I had my camera because he took his bike so that he could photograph us running and crossing the finish line.  He got his exercise that day as well.











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  • So Proud of all my girls. Maybe one day I’ll put the camera down and run a race with you.