Running in the Rain

Tonight was a lot of fun because I got to run with my friend Abby and during our run, it began to rain on us.  We noticed the dark clouds before we left but I didn’t see any in the direction that we were going to be running.  The goal was to run 6 miles but once we got to the lake at Walden Lake we thought it was going to be pitch black so for safety reasons we ran back towards my house.  We ended up going 4.25 miles.  We had a lot of obstacles though because the normal running sidewalk was blocked off for repairs.  We had to run in grassy areas.  The ground was more slippery due to the rain. I thought the weather felt great since we were getting cooled off from the rain.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of magazines in the mail.  I am the dummy that signs up for all the great offers for magazine subscriptions.  I do LOVE to read and magazines are geared towards specific interests.  Last week I got Fitness, Runner’s World, and Good Housekeeping.  I need a little more work on the “Good Housekeeping.”  It’s nice to get recipes and decorating ideas.  I don’t watch television so when I have a minute, I catch up on my reading.

This month in the Runner’s World magazine there were two articles that I really enjoyed reading. One was about what types of food to purchase at the grocery store and what are the health benefits of them.  Then there was an article on the do’s and don’ts of race day etiquette.  Some of my favorites are: Don’t “Bandit a Race.”  What that means is that if you are out running a course on your own and there is a race, don’t grab a medal or use the water stations  I do have to laugh because once my mother and were running at Lake Hollingsworth and she was offered water at the station and took some.  I would think it’s all right to get water if they are offering it to you. The article also mentioned that if you must take a walking break you should move over to the right side so that you don’t get slammed by another runner.  It also mentioned that you should wear your medal proudly on race day.  After that, the medal should be place somewhere else besides your neck. What do you do with your medals when you race? Do they go in a closet or on some kind of display rack?  I keep mine in my closet.


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