Running Bayshore and Many Lessons Learned


This morning we decided to get up early to drive to Tampa so that we could run Bayshore.  I have read several of times that it is an amazing run for runners.  I was so pumped because last week I got a new pair of shoes.  My friend Tina got her a new pair last night. My mother and Melody was pumped because they had a fantastic time running 9 miles last weekend.  Last night I laid out what I was going to wear and even pulled out my ifitness running belt so that I could put my phone and food in there.

This morning quickly came at 5:00.  I got a text from Melody that my mom forgot to set her alarm and she was going to be a little late.  So we didn’t get to start running till almost 7:00.  🙁  I decided to park by the Pirate ship so that we could run 5 miles to Ballast Point Park.  I thought we could use the potty and get some water there before we turned around to run another 5 miles back to the car.

Since that was my idea, I decided not to use the “fanny pack” and run with nothing.  I don’t like to carry things when I run and I don’t need an extra few pounds on my back because I would run slower.  That was a HUGE mistake.  Since we got a late start, the sun was already shining so it was very hot.  We were sweating and had nothing to drink.  All I could say to myself was I just need to make it to the park and I could buy a snack and some water.  (I stuffed a few dollars down my We get there and the little store was closed, plus I couldn’t get water out of the water fountain!  I thought I was going to die!  So now what do I do?  I was so desperate that I went into the bathroom and washed my salty face off and then cupped my hand to get a few sips of water!  I didn’t care and I know that is so gross but I knew I had 5 more miles to go.  I don’t even drink the water at my house and I can’t believe I just did that!

The run back was even harder because I was so thirsty and hungry.  I only drank a cup of orange juice this morning.  That was another one of my lovely mistakes.  I knew I was going long distance today and should have eaten something.  So I was dealing with hunger and thirst.  Not a good combination when I have a few miles ahead of me to run.  That’s when I decided that I would have to take it slow or I could really get sick.  I didn’t want to be picked up by an ambulance.  There was no energy left at all.  I just kept praying to make it to the water fountain that I remembered seeing at the beginning of the run.  When it came I just wanted to stay there but there was a runner right next to me so I just took a quick sip and left. I never felt so happy when I saw my vehicle.  I even took a picture of myself once I got my phone.  The picture looks more than terrible.  I am still thinking I may not post the picture because it is very ugly!  For real!

Praise God we all made it back alive!  Once we all got into the car we all were talking about how this was the toughest run ever!  We are thinking that we started a little late, there was no shade, just the hot sun, no water, and no fuel.  You can tell we are beginner runners.  I am thinking I am going to order a water bottle for my ifitness belt so I will never have to deal with thirst again. We didn’t even take a group shot because we were all exhausted.  My husband took one of us when we got back to our house.  My shoes were off as I was driving home so I didn’t want to put them back on.

On a positive note, my new shoes felt great and Tina said she liked running in hers.  My calves and legs are not sore. I even bought fancy socks.  The guy at the store promised the socks would keep me from getting a blister.  I wonder if he was trying to make a sale or if it is true.  I did not get a blister!  Yeah!  The socks are called Experia.  I found an advertisement in my Runners’ magazine for them today.  Maybe they are a good pair!  Time will tell.  It must be a great day! I did finish the run at an 11 minute mile.  That’s not so bad considering I took it slow the second half.

I am wondering what people do about saving money for their runs.  If I could afford it, I would sign myself up for something once a month.  It gets quite expensive to go to races and making sure you have the right clothes and gear.  My plan is to run 2 halves and 1 full a year.  I wonder if that is realistic or not. What do you do?

One Response to “Running Bayshore and Many Lessons Learned

  • It’s great to see how much you are learning along your journey. Your body is just like a car….no gas…no go. You will have to figure out what foods and how much is needed for each run that you make. I guess it’s a good idea to plan on bringing your own liquids as you cannot guarantee there will be sources of water at the locations you run.

    I guess I need to start looking for money in your bras when I do laundry. 🙂