Run Keeper or Garmin?

Today my mother and I decided to get up before the sun shines so that we can get a good run in.  I have been running with my phone on my arm using the Run Keeper for the past few months.  Most of the time I get so excited to start running to see if I can beat my previous time. Today was the day I was going to run hard for 9 miles and make good time!  I started my run keeper and went around the lake 3 time which would be 9 miles.  I stopped the run keeper and saw that it only logged 8.26 miles! So many times I work hard but don’t get an accurate reading.  Well I will not have to deal with that frustration anymore because my husband bought me a Garmin Forerunner 110 today!  I am looking forward to using this watch instead of a big bulky phone!  The watch was easy for me to set up.  All I have to do is press one button!  I wonder what other runners think about the Garmin or would they rather use the free Run Keeper App?



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