Random Thoughts

This week has been more busy than I could ever imagine.  Because of the schedule, I didn’t get much running or blogging done.  I’m not sure if it is going to slow down until after Christmas.  Rachel played her first game for Tomlin Basketball and did an amazing job!  I was very proud of her.  Jacob should be starting in December.  I had a lot of extra training in Tampa this week and wonder how do people commute to work.  I am blessed that I only work a few miles from my home.  I guess if my vehicle dies on me, I could run to school no problem and not have a car!  My husband loves the Dave Ramsey living debt free plan.  He is the saver and I am the spender.  So if the car dies, we will purchase another used one.  I just love my husband! I don’t think I will ever see a black classy BMW in my driveway.

Because we live on the Dave Ramsey plan, our children have to work to earn money at our house.  We don’t hand out dollar bills to the kids unless they have earned it.  Our son realized that we were paying babysitters to watch the kids and he had a bright idea that we should let him babysit the girls so we can go on date night.  Jacob would benefit by earning some money. We took him up on his offer last night.  I was a bit nervous but we live in a small gated community and knew he would be fine.  He cooked the girls pancakes, did laundry, and clean the house.  I was quite impressed. Here are some pictures of our wonderful date.  We went to a new place to eat and it was quite interesting.  You get a bowl and have to fill it up with meats and vegetables.  You take the bowl to the cook and he cooks it for you on his grill.  I was happy there was a salad bar.  I could live on salads.  Yummy!  I had no clue what to put on for seasonings but it turned out delicious!  I think the place was called Magnolion Grill??? It cost us $40 for everything.  I don’t think Mr. Dave Ramsey would be happy with that!

I did find out that there will be a free 5K for kids on November 3.  I took a picture of the flyer if anyone is interested.  If adults want to do it, it will only cost $10.00.  I noticed on the flyer that they are planning a 1/2 marathon in Polk County next November.  Yeah!  Finally something more close to home.  We all should sign up!

This morning I ran 10 miles at a 10:30 minute mile pace.  Not too bad for this slow mom.  I was most impressed with my mom and Melody because they completed 9 miles and felt great!  They were so happy I had to snap a picture.  They were even thinking about going for another lap!  Nope not for me this week!  They are crazy but I am so happy they are out running.  It is important as mothers to take care of ourselves and be healthy.  That way we can serve our families and others.  Jesus came not to be served, but to serve.  As we approach fall and the holiday season, we should look for opportunities to serve others.  It may be a small gesture such as paying for a meal for someone you don’t know, mowing a yard for someone, cooking a meal for a new mother, whatever it is, it’s for God’s glory.  We just need to stay healthy and fit so that we can!

2 Responses to “Random Thoughts

  • Peter and I went to that place to eat on date night and WE LOVED IT!!! Def. will be going back. Keep up the great work girls! I will join next week 🙂

  • I love going on Date Night with you. We had a blast together. I really enjoyed Mongolian Grill. Something different for a change. You are correct…I highly doubt I will ever buy you a B&W. Cost way too much to maintain when you can get something just as nice (and black) for a lot less. Keep up the great work!