Packed and Ready

I am so excited about the Women’s Half Marathon tomorrow.  I am getting packed and ready to leave this morning around 10ish.  I am looking forward to doing this with my mom and Melody.  I will be running with a 2:15 pace group.  I have never done that before and am hoping to learn how to pace myself correctly.  I tend to go fast at the beginning then very slow at the end.  Finishing at 2:15 will be a struggle for me but I am going to try to push myself.

I went ahead and packed my breakfast because I want to eat what I would normally eat before a long run.  I have packed orange juice, whole wheat English muffin, peanut butter, and bananas!  We will get to sleep in until 5:00 because our hotel is only 1 mile away from the starting line!

I am still hoping that I packed the right outfit to wear.  It looks like it may be a little chilly so I am bring a white thermal to wear over my top.  I can always tie it around my waist if it gets too hot.  I am also planning on wearing the compression socks because I still have a slight pain in my calf muscle and the socks seems to help.

I do have a friend that is planning on running this race and hopefully I will see her on the course.  It will be her first half marathon and I know Abby will do amazing. Good Luck to all who are running this weekend.  God is so good to us and I can’t wait to have a nice long run with Him in the morning.  We do a lot of chatting to pass the time and it since it’s close to Thanksgiving I am going to try to focus on praising Him for all that He has done and will continue to do. What are you thankful to God for?

2 Responses to “Packed and Ready

  • I am thankful for a wife that loves Jesus and loves life! You have accomplished SO much over the last year and have come so far with your running. I know you can do 2:15! See you when you get home.

  • Good Luck and Have Fun.