Only Half Crazy!

I look forward to Fridays!  After a long week of work it is nice knowing that there’s a weekend ahead.  I thought weekends were for rest, but for most people like me, it’s just more work but on my own terms!  The first task that I usually have to accomplish is grocery shopping because the food is gone!  This year has been busier than ever since our four kids go to three different schools and get out at crazy times.  My 6th grade daughter made the basketball team so now we have that on our plate as well.  The joys of parenthood.  I wouldn’t change it because 16 years ago I had  2 miscarriages in a row and begged God for children.  God is good because he blessed us with four!

I honestly don’t like to cook but like to eat healthy.  To make things easy for me, I created this salad for my husband and my dinner last night.  It only takes five minutes and it’s delicious! All you have to do is add some fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cheese, and croutons!  I also like to add some grilled chicken and strawberries to the salad.  I don’t even have to cook the chicken because you can buy them already cooked and cut up!  My husband even enjoyed the meal.  You may be asking, “What about the kids?”  Don’t worry, I have dinner cooked for them in under ten minutes.  My daughter Naomi begged me to get corn dogs, so I got them for her yesterday.   It’s not very healthy for the kids but I served fresh strawberries and cucumbers, so they were happy.

So today was the day I was planning on running 12 miles!  That was my goal for today but I only ran 9 then walked 2 more miles to find my mom and friend Melody.  We all decided to meet up to run together.  We are all at different paces but go on our own and meet up at the end.  Today was hard for me.  I started out strong and noticed on my Garmin splits data, that I ran the first mile under 9 minutes.  I think I must of went to fast at the beginning.  I have read that you don’t want to do that for long runs. Your supposed to go slow and steady.  The problem is that I am still new and am trying to figure out what is comfortable to me.  I packed a cooler of water, Gatoraide, Gu, and apples for us.  After the first three miles I needed some energy because I didn’t eat breakfast.  I must have spent 2 minutes trying to open the Gu gel.  It would not open for me because my hands were wet.  Finally,  the thing opened and I took it quick so that my time wouldn’t be any slower.  By the next 3 miles I decided to skip the Gu because I was feeling sick to my stomach and came up with the idea that I could grab my apple and run and eat at the same time!  Sounds crazy but the apple was easy to hold in my hand, it was cold and juicy as well!  It was what I needed.  I may bring apples on my runs more often.  My time was a 10:50 minute mile average. It’s still right under my goal of 11 for my long runs. Since I was getting tired and will be going to Rock the Universe tonight, I decided not to run the last 3 miles.  I walked 2 and called it a day.  I will be walking plenty tonight so I need to rest my legs.

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