Nothing is Impossible

Jessica and Michael

My husband and I after a 3 mile run

One of my favorite songs that we sing in church is “All things are possible.”  So many times in our lives we fail to begin something because we are afraid of the outcome that may come.  A year ago when my mother signed up to do her first half marathon, I thought she was nuts. The funny thing is that we  both never even knew how many miles that would be.  I used to see 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on the back of cars and I would try to look up bible verses in my bible because I was thinking those numbers must have been a verse in the book of Psalms or Proverbs.  Little did we know a year ago.  I panicked for my mother once I did the research on what a half marathon was and couldn’t believe my aunt paid and signed her up to do that when my mom hadn’t even completed one walking mile!  Since my Aunt Anita lives in Texas, I decided I would sign up as well and be my mother’s personal trainer!  Too  funny because I never even ran but knew I had done a lot of cardio so I figured I was in better shape to help her.  The first run was difficult for my mother since she was a smoker at that time.  She realized that if she was going to run, she would need to quit.  She had tried many times before like most smokers do but because of the addiction, it’s impossible.  Well impossible, without the Lord’s help.  My mother decided to quit cold turkey through the strength of Christ.  God is so good because she has been a non smoker ever since our first run.  So if there are battles that you may be facing, whether it’s getting in shape, running that mile, eating healthy, running a full marathon,  trust God to take care of it for you.  He will give you the strength to help you.  You just have to have the faith to believe that He will.

I never thought I would run with my husband again.  He has gone out with me a few times but really doesn’t like it.  He would much rather work out at the gym than to run with me.  Tonight he decided to go with me since I was only going to run 3 miles.  I decided that I needed to spend two days a week running a short distance but push myself to run faster during my short runs.  My husband kept up with me for the first mile.  We did that in 8:50!  Because he’s not used to running, he walked/jogged the rest of the way.  It will take him some time to build up his endurance but I know he can do it.  It is nice when he comes because he makes it fun for me.  He is my best friend and is such an encouragement.  Notice his t-shirt.  It says, “I love my wife.” I do love my husband!

It is really nice having the Garmin watch.  I know they are expensive but if your going to train, it is worth the investment.  Garmin has even come out with a cheaper version that is only about $100.  It will tell you time, speed, and distance.  That is the most important piece of information for me when I run.  I believe it is called the Garmin 10.

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