Not so Great Long Run

There was 23 miles scheduled for my training run yesterday.  I made sure I just ran my short runs on Tuesday and Thursday.  Friday I took it real easy because I knew the task that I was going to have to do on Saturday morning.  I even went 2 days without drinking a Coke!  I had my planned route all mapped out and figured how I would get water and some energy replacement during the long run.  See my nerdy picture!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling pumped and ready to make the distance.  I started running in the neighborhood across the street and did my first 6 miles at a very comfortable pace.  I ran back to my house for a quick drink of water and headed towards Walden Lake.  I ran through Walden Lake to Walden Pointe which is right outside of Walden Lake.  I ate a Luna bar at mile 10 and loved looking at the new homes in the neighborhood.  Everything was going great and I didn’t feel tired at all.  I was really looking forward to finally completing a run over 20 miles.

I headed back into the Walden Lake neighborhood and ran towards the lake.  Once I got there I was thinking all I needed to do was run around the lake 4 times and go back home.  My head and body felt great because I was going slower.  I hadn’t even broke a sweat yet.  For some crazy reason my body doesn’t sweat at all.  I have do idea why.  ???

All of a sudden I started to feel an intense sharp pain in my knee.  I couldn’t even run or jog.  It hurt so bad at mile 12.  So I turned around because any good runner knows it is not a good idea to run through the pain or it will be worse.  I was sad but knew that this will not make or break me.  I just want to be able to complete the 26.2 in January.  It will only be by God’s grace and strength that I will be able to do it.  Hopefully the Lord will want me to complete the full marathon in January.  So I decided that I needed to walk home.  It was such a struggle because I was 2 miles away from home and did not have my phone to call my amazing husband to my rescue.

My husband let me borrow his Ipod so I took it out and got to listen to some praise music on my way home.  It was a very slow and painful walk home but the music did help.  I am not a big fan of listening to music while I run but I took it because I didn’t know if I would get bored after 20 miles.  I am glad I go to enjoy the music.

I still have no idea what the pain is in my knee.  It has been difficult just to walk.  I felt embarrassed because I look a little weird when I walk and I am way too slow.  That is not the norm for this girl.  Maybe it’s the Lord telling me to slow down.  The amazing thing is that our church has a revival service all week.  This morning was the first message.  The message was about Jesus performing miracles. Yes, God does still heal today. My knee has been feeling better this afternoon. Praise God!  It still hurts but I am walking faster.  I may still need to take a few days off from running.  I am just praying that the Lord will allow me to complete the marathon in January.

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