Iron Girl 2013

This year mom, Kimmy, and I decided that it would be a great idea to do just the 5K for the Iron Girl event.  I really struggled with getting up at 4:00 in the morning just to run 3.1 miles.  My IT band syndrome is still acting up on me so I need to swallow my pride and focus on shorter distances rather than long distances right now.  I have been able to run comfortably 6-8 miles on the weekend but don’t know if my legs were ready to handle another 13.1 since we just did one last month.  It’s was so refreshing to be able to just run and be done in under 30 minutes!  Not so bad!

The hard thing about Iron Girl is running the bridge because of the incline.  It’s tougher and makes you go a tad bit slower.  I was hoping to finish in 26 minutes but my watch died so I didn’t know how to monitor my speed.  I wish I had it so I could have sped up at the end.  Once you run up and down the bridge  you had to turn around and do it again!  So I basically walked up the second time to catch my breath.  I was looking out for my mom and Kimmy but must have missed them.  Everyone looks the same when your running.

I was real proud of my mother’s time.  She ran a 12 minute mile and was the 1,000 finisher out of 2,400!  So she beat half the runners!  YEAH!  I think she is beginning to like the 5K races!  They are shorter and you can focus more on your time rather than distance.  Kimmy did amazing by finishing in 45 minutes.  This was her first 5K.  So now she has a baseline data to begin her running journey!  We are planning on running the Watermelon series in Lakeland this summer.

I didn’t set a PR this race but I was proud that I finished 98 out of 2,400 runners!  For my age group I placed 13th.  I will take that over a PR today!  I have decided that I am going to wear a heart monitor this week when I workout and run.  I never sweat or really get exhausted when I exercise.  I do feel like I get a nice workout but I am wondering if I am being too lazy and not working to my fullest potential.  It will be nice to see what my heart rate is so I can see where and how to improve.  I do know I need to do more strength training.  I am so weak because I have no muscle.

The post race breakfast was the best ever!  A full pancake bar with toppings!  I LOVE pancakes!  It reminds me of when I was training for my marathon and my husband would have pancakes ready for me when I return home.  I am more than blessed to have a wonderful husband that puts up with crazy me.


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