Gasparilla Expo and a Reason to Blog

Today my mom and I took a much needed day of work to go to the Gasparilla Expo.  We arrived before the doors were even opened!  It’s so much fun to look at all the running stuff and sample the many items and sports energy drinks.  We pick up as many samples as we can even if we don’t like the product!  Today my bag must have weighed 10 pounds!  I meant to put it on my scale but forgot.  We have been to many Expos and this one was the best ever!  Everyone was so friendly and there was so much energy in the room.

We got so many samples.  Some included frozen yogurt, chocolate milk, protein bars, pretzels, and even a ton of free Mc Donald coupons!  They were for free oatmeal and yogurt!  I just love free stuff!  I even asked for a few extras because I like to give the stuff away to my students at school for prizes and good behavior.  There will be many happy students next week when they see what prizes they can win.

This will be my mother and I first Gaparilla event.  We will be doing the 15K so it will be an easier run.  They do have a half marathon but since I just did the Disney Full last month I wasn’t ready to jump right into 13.1 miles just yet.  We will be doing a beach half in March.  We will be going to bed early and waking up at 4:00a.m.  We must be crazy but it is so much fun!


I am not much of a writer but I am forcing myself to blog about each event my mom and I run.  We are able to print up a book each year.  This is a whole lot easier than scrapbooking.  All you need is a blog and this company will print up the book.  I ordered one for my mom and grandmother and it came in the mail today.  The book came out beautiful and I am thinking I should also have a family blog so I can document my children’s activities and holidays.









2 Responses to “Gasparilla Expo and a Reason to Blog

  • Good luck to you and your mom tomorrow! I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now… I’m a runner, too, and just ran my first half in Feb with my husband. I love how you glorify the Lord in everything you do! It’s a blessing to read a running blog that is also spirit-filled. Please, keep writing the blog!

    • Congrats on running your first half. Thanks for your words of encouragement. We did have fun. I am blessed to be able to run with my mom. Hopefully the Lord will allow us to run many more.