Florida Beach Halfathon

This was the first time ever that I got all dressed up for St. Patty’s Day!  A few months ago my mother and I decided that we were going to wear blue because this was a beach race.  I didn’t realized that the day of the race fell on St. Patrick’s Day.  We decided that we had to wear green.  It was fun to coordinate all the fun green stuff to wear.

The day before the race we talked our friend Kimmy into doing the half marathon with us.  She was going to do the 5K but we told her she would have more fun completing the half marathon.  Why not run 10 more miles verses just 3?  We must have lost our minds.

This run was a very difficult one for me.  I really struggle with wanting to improve my time with each race but I also wanted to stay with mom and Kimmy to help them finish it.  Once we started, they gave me the ok to go ahead.  So I dashed ahead and ran a great 3 miles at round a 9:15 minute pace.  After that my IT bands on both legs started to get so painful that I slowed down quite a bit.  I think it was the Lord teaching me a lesson because I talked Kimmy into doing a half marathon from her really not running at all.  I am a terrible friend!  I should have stayed with her.

So I figured I could power walk and then I would see them on the course.  At mile 8 for me I saw them and just decided that I would finish with them instead.  They were at mile 5 so I had to do a few more miles but that was fine with me.  I am glad I decided to stay with them.  We had so much fun talking and joking around.  I did notice that my mom loves to talk to just about everyone on the course.

We all finally made it to the finish line and mom ran ahead and crossed the line before me!  Way to go mom!  We kept joking the whole time that we were the last ones but I found out that there were a few more behind us!

Fort Desoto is such a beautiful place.  They have a nice trail for running and bike riding.  I want to take my family there to swim and ride bikes.

At the finish line they served us pasta and soda!  That made my day because I ran close to 16 miles with no food!  I was starving.  I loved how they personalized our race bibs.  My number was 1176.  That represented my birth month and birth year.

I think the Lord is telling me to take a break from all this long distance running until my IT band heals.  For the next few months, I will just focus on 5k’s.

I think Kimmy has the race addiction in her.  She messaged me and wants to do the Iron Girl!  The Iron Girl is on April and they will serve pancakes afterwards!  They have a 5k and a half marathon.  The Iron Girl is a fun race to do.



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