Diets and Healthy Living

It seems that lately I have been asked by several of people about what diet I am on.  People are often surprised when they learn that I have 4 children and am still at a healthy weight for my age.  I am excited that many people are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.  Maybe America is finally sick of Mc Donald’s and fast food.  Our country has a high level of overweight people and I am sure its due to our busy lifestyle.  Many mothers now work full time so instead of of cooking a healthy meal, they go by the fast food place and grab something quick.  Trust me, I have done that plenty of times with my kids.  I work a long day and I know that I have church, basketball practice, or a dance class that I got to take a child to.  It just is easier.  I have learned that if you take the time to plan your meals, then it is easier to make the healthy choice.

I try to eat as clean as I can.  What that means, is eating natural foods.  There is a great book called “Eat Clean” that I read and it really helped me learn to make better choices with my daily diet.  There is a lot of great information online as well.

For breakfast each day I make a smoothie.  It has a banana, strawberries, blueberries, almond milk, flax seeds, and 1 scoop of protein powder.  When I have a long run scheduled I will scramble some eggs and eat them.  Lately I have been adding a little bit of salsa to the eggs and it tastes great.  Since I get up at 4:30 to run, I don’t eat until after I get back.  I have heard that it will help you burn more fat exercising before you eat.  You have to figure what works for you.  I seem to function OK if I wait until I finish to eat breakfast.  If I have a long run scheduled, I eat a banana and just omit the banana when I get back from my smoothie.

Here is a great article on the Advantages of Eating on an Empty Stomach.



Since I work full time and often don’t have time to go and get a healthy lunch, I pack mine and my husband’s lunch.  It saves a ton of money.  Everyday I make us a salad.  I like to use baby spinach, and a variety of vegetables, I also add some nuts, and fruit to the salad.  Because salad dressing has a ton of sugar in it, I eat mine without dressing.  It sounds crazy but it tastes great!  My husband used to think I was crazy but now he eats them the way I do and likes it.

My husband tried my eating plan and lost about 20 pounds!  He looks so much more healthier.  He didn’t have to spend hours at the gym.  He ran a couple days a week.( 2-3 miles)  He also went to 1-2 Bodypump classes a week. I am very proud that he has changed his eating habits into more healthier choices.


So what happens when your tempted to eat something that isn’t that great for you?  We all have temptations when it comes to food!  If I splurge one day, then the next day I just make sure I really watch what I eat.  As long as your mostly eating clean and healthy, a treat once in a while won’t hurt.

One day I will write more.  🙂  Hopefully you will be encouraged to eat more healthy.




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  • Fantastic article Jessica! You are such an inspiration to many, including myself. Keep up the great work.