Cooler Weather!


It’s  been real nice to wake up to cooler weather.  I can tell fall is coming.  I love fall and winter because there are so many decorating options.  If your my mom, she will start decorating for Christmas mid October!  Maybe this weekend there will be time for decorating and planting some fall flowers.

B&W DM 604 S2 SpeakersRight now my husband has redecorated our living room and I am waiting for him to change it back!  He got more new speakers and thinks we need them in the living room along with a flat screened television that he wants to buy.  He even has the kids begging me for the flat screen.  See, the deal was that when we built our house, we would not have speakers and TV’s in our family room.  He has a whole theater room for that.  Now the pressure is on me to decide if we should get the flat screen television and keep another set of speakers or just get rid of the extra speakers.  This is not my idea of fall decorating.

Tonight I was able to get in a short 3 mile run in. It was nice to be able to do it at 5:00 today.  My plans were to wait till 7:00 but the weather looked bad, so I headed out alone.  The girls were at dance, Rachel was getting braces put on, and Jacob was playing video games with a friend so I thought it was a great time to run since none of the kids needed me.  The cooler weather made it so nice.  I tried to push myself to run faster but just couldn’t do it. It even started to rain a bit but not enough to go back home.  I was able to keep an average of a 10 minute mile.  I would love to start seeing an average of 9 minutes a mile but will continue to work towards that goal.

Hopefully you all are doing great with your fall training schedules.  Some may be running, walking, going to the gym.  Whatever it is don’t give up. Try not to be hard on yourself if you miss a day.  Just get out the door the next day.  There may even be days that you don’t feel like running or working out, that is when you need to go the most.  It will make you feel better and you will be glad you did.


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