09th Dec 2012
6 mile run

6 mile run

The past week I have decided to take it slow due to my knee hurting.  on Saturday I wanted to run as far as I could but had to stop...

02nd Dec 2012

Not so Great Long Run

There was 23 miles scheduled for my training run yesterday.  I made sure I just ran my short runs on Tuesday and Thursday.  Friday I took it real easy because...

25th Nov 2012

Do Not Tape Toes Before a Run!

It has been a glorious week having the days off to spend time with the kids this week.  The one thing I love about my job is my schedule meets...

20th Nov 2012

Women’s Half Marathon

We had so much fun during the weekend of the Women’s Half Marathon.  It was nice to get away with my mom and good friend Melody and leave the stress...

17th Nov 2012

Packed and Ready

I am so excited about the Women’s Half Marathon tomorrow.  I am getting packed and ready to leave this morning around 10ish.  I am looking forward to doing this with...

17th Nov 2012
Check Out eatblogrun Post!

Check Out eatblogrun Post!

Check this website out!  The article was posted a few days ago!     http://www.eatblogrun.com/ebr-rock-star-jessica-stevens/

03rd Nov 2012

Turkey Trot 5K

We had such a blast with friends and family today at the YMCA Turkey Trot.  The girls were so excited about it that they were up before me this morning. ...

27th Oct 2012

12 mile run

This morning I decided to get up at 5:00 to get a run in before my day gets busy.  It has been a few weeks since I have ran Lake...

21st Oct 2012

Catching Up

Last month my husband thought it would be a great idea for me to document my marathon training journey here on this blog that he created for me, I thought...

09th Oct 2012

5K Under 30 minutes Deserves ice Cream!

Today  I decided to do my running at the gym since I was going to Zumba class anyways.  Running on treadmill is boring to me but since I was going...