Catching Up

Last month my husband thought it would be a great idea for me to document my marathon training journey here on this blog that he created for me, I thought he was just joking around but he wasn’t.  So I have been trying to write a few posts so that I can go back and reread my journey once I complete my first marathon in January.  The fall and winter season seems to get so busy that I am struggling to find the time to run so to write about it is more difficult.

Right now I am trying to fit my runs in whenever I can.  This week I didn’t get to do a major long run because there just wasn’t the time.  It doesn’t get light out until 7:00 now and then it’s been getting dark earlier.  The perimeter of my neighborhood is only 1/2 mile so I can not run that for long because I get bored.  On Tuesday, I tried to go 6 miles but I texted my husband before I left the house to come and get me in 66 minutes if it gets dark.  He came to my rescue a tad bit early so I only got 5.25 miles in before dark.  I must admit that I have an amazing husband who tolerates me.  Since we were off school on Friday I got up early and did 8.5 miles.  It was great because the weather is getting cooler.

Lately my toes have been hurting.  I don’t know if it because my shoes are too small or what?  I did discover that I have Morton’s toe. My daughter Rebekah has it too.  All that means is that our second toe is taller than the big toe.  I read some articles that it can cause pain while running because usually the big toe absorbs the shock but my second toe is doing the work.  ??? I still need to read up on it.  I am going to try a 1/2 size larger shoe to see if my pain goes away.  If anyone knows more about this, I would love to know an tips as to what to do.

This morning I was able to get up at 6:30 to go out for a peaceful run by the ocean. We were having a girls beach retreat weekend so I took advantage of all the girls sleeping in while I got a nice run and some alone time with God.  I just ran 6 miles because I figured all the sleeping beauties would be up and waiting to do a morning devotional.  I got back and they all were sound asleep.  I took my shoes off (I had to borrow them because I forgot my shoes) and decided I would take a nice slow stroll down the beach.  It was beautiful and no one was on the beach.  October is a great month in Florida to go because it’s not very crowded.

I ran slow today.  My time was an average of 10:56 minute mile.  I just could not get into trying to go faster.  I did run more distance before I decided to take a short walking breaks.  I still have to walk some. I also wanted to snap some pictures so that slowed me down as well.

While I was running my mom was doing the breast cancer walk.  It’s a lot of fun and I was sad to miss it today.  We did it last year and had a blast.  It is a great cause to raise money for cancer research.  I wish I could of been there was well.  The ladies have to get dressed up and wear pink bras over their shirts. 

In a few weeks my mom and daughters will be doing the Turkey Trot with me.  It should be fun because many of my church friends will be there.They all will do great and my husband can be the official photographer.   It’s a 5K and I am hoping to do it under 30 minutes.  It will be a push for me but will strive to make it.  Rachel has done a 5k in 24 minutes.  I think she is just doing the mile with Naomi.  I am thinking she can get that mile in under 8 minutes.  There’s no hope for me winning but I am hoping to PR at least.


2 Responses to “Catching Up

  • I can relate to A LOT of this. I had an ingrown toenail that had to be cut out and a toenail that came off in May of this year. Be sure to wear a running shoe that’s 1/2 a size bigger than you usually were in normal shoes. I wear a 9 1/2 in my Nikes, but I wear a 9 in heels. I learned that the hard way! My ingrown toenail is growing back and the other toenail on my big toe is finally grown in.

    I can also relate to having NO TIME TO RUN! I have been so busy with the kids: soccer, baseball, school activities, birthday parties, and on and on.

    Please keep me in your paryers as I do my 3rd half marathon this Sunday. I will keep you in mind for success at your Turkey Trot.

    <3 Blessings! <3

    • I did purchase a new pair of running shoes in a 1/2 size bigger. I will try those out tomorrow. Hope it works. Lots of prayers for your 1/2 marathon on Sunday. I can’t wait to read all about it. This week was a terrible running week since I only got to run 2 times for 3 miles. Being a mom is first these days. I am thankful for the days that I can run and thankful for the time with the kids.