Running in the Rain

Tonight was a lot of fun because I got to run with my friend Abby and during our run, it began to rain on us.  We noticed the dark clouds before we left but I didn’t see any in the direction that we were going to be running.  The goal was to run 6 miles but once we got to the lake at Walden Lake we thought it was going to be pitch black so for safety reasons we ran back towards my house.  We ended up going 4.25 miles.  We had a lot of obstacles though because the normal running sidewalk was blocked off for repairs.  We had to run in grassy areas.  The ground was more slippery due to the rain. I thought the weather felt great since we were getting cooled off from the rain.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of magazines in the mail.  I am the dummy that signs up for all the great offers for magazine subscriptions.  I do LOVE to read and magazines are geared towards specific interests.  Last week I got Fitness, Runner’s World, and Good Housekeeping.  I need a little more work on the “Good Housekeeping.”  It’s nice to get recipes and decorating ideas.  I don’t watch television so when I have a minute, I catch up on my reading.

This month in the Runner’s World magazine there were two articles that I really enjoyed reading. One was about what types of food to purchase at the grocery store and what are the health benefits of them.  Then there was an article on the do’s and don’ts of race day etiquette.  Some of my favorites are: Don’t “Bandit a Race.”  What that means is that if you are out running a course on your own and there is a race, don’t grab a medal or use the water stations  I do have to laugh because once my mother and were running at Lake Hollingsworth and she was offered water at the station and took some.  I would think it’s all right to get water if they are offering it to you. The article also mentioned that if you must take a walking break you should move over to the right side so that you don’t get slammed by another runner.  It also mentioned that you should wear your medal proudly on race day.  After that, the medal should be place somewhere else besides your neck. What do you do with your medals when you race? Do they go in a closet or on some kind of display rack?  I keep mine in my closet.


Running Bayshore and Many Lessons Learned


This morning we decided to get up early to drive to Tampa so that we could run Bayshore.  I have read several of times that it is an amazing run for runners.  I was so pumped because last week I got a new pair of shoes.  My friend Tina got her a new pair last night. My mother and Melody was pumped because they had a fantastic time running 9 miles last weekend.  Last night I laid out what I was going to wear and even pulled out my ifitness running belt so that I could put my phone and food in there.

This morning quickly came at 5:00.  I got a text from Melody that my mom forgot to set her alarm and she was going to be a little late.  So we didn’t get to start running till almost 7:00.  🙁  I decided to park by the Pirate ship so that we could run 5 miles to Ballast Point Park.  I thought we could use the potty and get some water there before we turned around to run another 5 miles back to the car.

Since that was my idea, I decided not to use the “fanny pack” and run with nothing.  I don’t like to carry things when I run and I don’t need an extra few pounds on my back because I would run slower.  That was a HUGE mistake.  Since we got a late start, the sun was already shining so it was very hot.  We were sweating and had nothing to drink.  All I could say to myself was I just need to make it to the park and I could buy a snack and some water.  (I stuffed a few dollars down my We get there and the little store was closed, plus I couldn’t get water out of the water fountain!  I thought I was going to die!  So now what do I do?  I was so desperate that I went into the bathroom and washed my salty face off and then cupped my hand to get a few sips of water!  I didn’t care and I know that is so gross but I knew I had 5 more miles to go.  I don’t even drink the water at my house and I can’t believe I just did that!

The run back was even harder because I was so thirsty and hungry.  I only drank a cup of orange juice this morning.  That was another one of my lovely mistakes.  I knew I was going long distance today and should have eaten something.  So I was dealing with hunger and thirst.  Not a good combination when I have a few miles ahead of me to run.  That’s when I decided that I would have to take it slow or I could really get sick.  I didn’t want to be picked up by an ambulance.  There was no energy left at all.  I just kept praying to make it to the water fountain that I remembered seeing at the beginning of the run.  When it came I just wanted to stay there but there was a runner right next to me so I just took a quick sip and left. I never felt so happy when I saw my vehicle.  I even took a picture of myself once I got my phone.  The picture looks more than terrible.  I am still thinking I may not post the picture because it is very ugly!  For real!

Praise God we all made it back alive!  Once we all got into the car we all were talking about how this was the toughest run ever!  We are thinking that we started a little late, there was no shade, just the hot sun, no water, and no fuel.  You can tell we are beginner runners.  I am thinking I am going to order a water bottle for my ifitness belt so I will never have to deal with thirst again. We didn’t even take a group shot because we were all exhausted.  My husband took one of us when we got back to our house.  My shoes were off as I was driving home so I didn’t want to put them back on.

On a positive note, my new shoes felt great and Tina said she liked running in hers.  My calves and legs are not sore. I even bought fancy socks.  The guy at the store promised the socks would keep me from getting a blister.  I wonder if he was trying to make a sale or if it is true.  I did not get a blister!  Yeah!  The socks are called Experia.  I found an advertisement in my Runners’ magazine for them today.  Maybe they are a good pair!  Time will tell.  It must be a great day! I did finish the run at an 11 minute mile.  That’s not so bad considering I took it slow the second half.

I am wondering what people do about saving money for their runs.  If I could afford it, I would sign myself up for something once a month.  It gets quite expensive to go to races and making sure you have the right clothes and gear.  My plan is to run 2 halves and 1 full a year.  I wonder if that is realistic or not. What do you do?

Random Thoughts

This week has been more busy than I could ever imagine.  Because of the schedule, I didn’t get much running or blogging done.  I’m not sure if it is going to slow down until after Christmas.  Rachel played her first game for Tomlin Basketball and did an amazing job!  I was very proud of her.  Jacob should be starting in December.  I had a lot of extra training in Tampa this week and wonder how do people commute to work.  I am blessed that I only work a few miles from my home.  I guess if my vehicle dies on me, I could run to school no problem and not have a car!  My husband loves the Dave Ramsey living debt free plan.  He is the saver and I am the spender.  So if the car dies, we will purchase another used one.  I just love my husband! I don’t think I will ever see a black classy BMW in my driveway.

Because we live on the Dave Ramsey plan, our children have to work to earn money at our house.  We don’t hand out dollar bills to the kids unless they have earned it.  Our son realized that we were paying babysitters to watch the kids and he had a bright idea that we should let him babysit the girls so we can go on date night.  Jacob would benefit by earning some money. We took him up on his offer last night.  I was a bit nervous but we live in a small gated community and knew he would be fine.  He cooked the girls pancakes, did laundry, and clean the house.  I was quite impressed. Here are some pictures of our wonderful date.  We went to a new place to eat and it was quite interesting.  You get a bowl and have to fill it up with meats and vegetables.  You take the bowl to the cook and he cooks it for you on his grill.  I was happy there was a salad bar.  I could live on salads.  Yummy!  I had no clue what to put on for seasonings but it turned out delicious!  I think the place was called Magnolion Grill??? It cost us $40 for everything.  I don’t think Mr. Dave Ramsey would be happy with that!

I did find out that there will be a free 5K for kids on November 3.  I took a picture of the flyer if anyone is interested.  If adults want to do it, it will only cost $10.00.  I noticed on the flyer that they are planning a 1/2 marathon in Polk County next November.  Yeah!  Finally something more close to home.  We all should sign up!

This morning I ran 10 miles at a 10:30 minute mile pace.  Not too bad for this slow mom.  I was most impressed with my mom and Melody because they completed 9 miles and felt great!  They were so happy I had to snap a picture.  They were even thinking about going for another lap!  Nope not for me this week!  They are crazy but I am so happy they are out running.  It is important as mothers to take care of ourselves and be healthy.  That way we can serve our families and others.  Jesus came not to be served, but to serve.  As we approach fall and the holiday season, we should look for opportunities to serve others.  It may be a small gesture such as paying for a meal for someone you don’t know, mowing a yard for someone, cooking a meal for a new mother, whatever it is, it’s for God’s glory.  We just need to stay healthy and fit so that we can!

Comments in Blog

My husband asked me why I was not replying to comments in my blog.  For some reason, the  Facebook Plugin we were using was not sending me any notification when someone commented in a post so for now, we have removed the Facebook plugin and have gone back to the standard method of leaving comments.

My apologies if you made a comment and I did not respond.    I just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t being rude by not replying, I just didn’t realize people were commenting.

Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging during my journey from MomToMarathon.

Cooler Weather!


It’s  been real nice to wake up to cooler weather.  I can tell fall is coming.  I love fall and winter because there are so many decorating options.  If your my mom, she will start decorating for Christmas mid October!  Maybe this weekend there will be time for decorating and planting some fall flowers.

B&W DM 604 S2 SpeakersRight now my husband has redecorated our living room and I am waiting for him to change it back!  He got more new speakers and thinks we need them in the living room along with a flat screened television that he wants to buy.  He even has the kids begging me for the flat screen.  See, the deal was that when we built our house, we would not have speakers and TV’s in our family room.  He has a whole theater room for that.  Now the pressure is on me to decide if we should get the flat screen television and keep another set of speakers or just get rid of the extra speakers.  This is not my idea of fall decorating.

Tonight I was able to get in a short 3 mile run in. It was nice to be able to do it at 5:00 today.  My plans were to wait till 7:00 but the weather looked bad, so I headed out alone.  The girls were at dance, Rachel was getting braces put on, and Jacob was playing video games with a friend so I thought it was a great time to run since none of the kids needed me.  The cooler weather made it so nice.  I tried to push myself to run faster but just couldn’t do it. It even started to rain a bit but not enough to go back home.  I was able to keep an average of a 10 minute mile.  I would love to start seeing an average of 9 minutes a mile but will continue to work towards that goal.

Hopefully you all are doing great with your fall training schedules.  Some may be running, walking, going to the gym.  Whatever it is don’t give up. Try not to be hard on yourself if you miss a day.  Just get out the door the next day.  There may even be days that you don’t feel like running or working out, that is when you need to go the most.  It will make you feel better and you will be glad you did.


13 miles and not crazy!

We had a great run this morning.  The plan was to meet up with my friend Tina, Melody, and my mom at Lake Hollingsworth.  Once we arrived to the lake I was in the parking lot and got a text from Tina saying there wasn’t any place to park.  I have never had that happened so I was thinking she was in the wrong place until I noticed the parking lot was blocked off.  There was a cardboard boat making contest going on today.  It looked like it was going to be fun.  Those people are serious boat making machines.  I wish I had my phone on me to snap a picture.

We all run at different paces so we kind of go our own route but it is nice passing everyone along the way.  We just wave and smile at each other so it’s like an extra boost of confidence to get you going when you see your friend running.  I usually run clockwise then go counter clock wise so that I can pass my beautiful friends on the way.   Since we had to park at the park down the road, I didn’t get my drink and snack every three miles because I was too lazy to run the extra .3 of mile to my vehicle.  I did run by my vehicle once to get a drink and an apple.  Thank God,  there was a water station along the lake or else I would have passed out.  I don’t sweat very much so I know there isn’t much water loss but it starts to get hot after a while and I like to splash it on my face. The great thing about running with others is that it pushes you to get out that door and go!  No matter what your striving to do, it’s better with a friend to help you along the way and you more likelyto make your goal.


I was happy to make my goal today of running at least 12 miles.  Honestly I was ready to stop at twelve but had to keep running because of where I was parked.  That is the disadvantage of running a lake.  I was forced to go farther even though I didn’t want to.  I am glad I did.  I  thought I turned my watch off but didn’t at the end.  I stopped and took a picture with my mom and drank some water.  We took our sweet little time loading up the car.  Once I got in and started to go out, I heard the Garmin beep. We started to laugh because the last split shows me running a 1 minute mile or something like that!  The split before that showed me running a 15 minute mile because I stopped to chat and get the drinks! How did they do it with out all this technology?  I still mess it up due to my lack of knowledge.


Once I got home my fabulous husband had heart shaped pancakes for me.  He is the best!  Now that will give you a reason to run!  If food was ready and waiting every time I ran, I would do it more often!   No cooking ever!  Yeah!


Avg Pace
Summary 2:25:26.7 13.13 11:05
1 9:30.9 1.00 9:30
2 9:48.2 1.00 9:48
3 10:11.0 1.00 10:11
4 12:12.3 1.00 12:13
5 10:05.1 1.00 10:05
6 10:37.1 1.00 10:37
7 11:26.0 1.00 11:25
8 10:56.5 1.00 10:57
9 10:40.1 1.00 10:40
10 11:09.8 1.00 11:10
11 11:31.7 1.00 11:32
12 11:48.3 1.00 11:49
13 15:14.5 1.00 15:14
14 :15.0 0.13 1:58

Stretching and Why Do We Run?

Last night my friend Tina and I went for a quick 3 mile run.  We were able to keep the time under 10 minutes.  It would have been nice to run faster but I just couldn’t.  It is wise to listen to your body and not over do it.  Otherwise you will be at risk for injury.  I am noticing that I run slower at night and wonder if it’s because I am so tired from a long day at work.  Who knows?  I am trying not to over train myself and since the past two weekends I went out to run 12 miles and only did 9, I figured I would take it easy so I can be all ready for Saturday’s long run. I know I need to build stamina so I can go 26.2 miles so I am going to have to plan on doing more sometime soon.  After looking at the Disney Marathon route map the other day, it really scared me.

Stretching is so important to do after a run but often forget to do it.  It wasn’t until my head hit the pillow last night that I realized that I forgot to stretch.  My calf often cramps up so I should at least work on my calves.  There are many types of stretches that you can do.  I like to focus on my calves and quads because they usually hurt the most.  I wonder what real runners do?  (I like to post pictures in this blog but didn’t have one while stretching so this is off the internet!)

There are many reasons why people sign up to run a race.  I am often inspired by those who go all out and raise money for a cause that is close to their heart.  My friend Melody has raised money for the pregnancy care center’s walk for life event and did the Disney Princess 1/2 last year to raise money for Team Freedom.  My biological father passed away in April from Leukemia and I have thought about running with the  Team Leukemia and Lymphoma  Society to raise money for cancer research.  There are a lot of great causes that we can run for and we can search the internet for information.  I emailed the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and they were so friendly and ready to help me find an event that I wanted to run.  The problem is that I chickened out due to my fear.  I’m hoping I will get the courage soon.  My friend gave me a flyer from the ASPCA so there are a lot of options out there to run for.  When you sign up to run with a team, there seems to be benefits as well. I noticed that you can get into some events that may already be sold out.   They may provide coaching, encouragement, and sometimes even an outfit to wear!  Sounds fun.

Why do you run?

Nothing is Impossible

Jessica and Michael

My husband and I after a 3 mile run

One of my favorite songs that we sing in church is “All things are possible.”  So many times in our lives we fail to begin something because we are afraid of the outcome that may come.  A year ago when my mother signed up to do her first half marathon, I thought she was nuts. The funny thing is that we  both never even knew how many miles that would be.  I used to see 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on the back of cars and I would try to look up bible verses in my bible because I was thinking those numbers must have been a verse in the book of Psalms or Proverbs.  Little did we know a year ago.  I panicked for my mother once I did the research on what a half marathon was and couldn’t believe my aunt paid and signed her up to do that when my mom hadn’t even completed one walking mile!  Since my Aunt Anita lives in Texas, I decided I would sign up as well and be my mother’s personal trainer!  Too  funny because I never even ran but knew I had done a lot of cardio so I figured I was in better shape to help her.  The first run was difficult for my mother since she was a smoker at that time.  She realized that if she was going to run, she would need to quit.  She had tried many times before like most smokers do but because of the addiction, it’s impossible.  Well impossible, without the Lord’s help.  My mother decided to quit cold turkey through the strength of Christ.  God is so good because she has been a non smoker ever since our first run.  So if there are battles that you may be facing, whether it’s getting in shape, running that mile, eating healthy, running a full marathon,  trust God to take care of it for you.  He will give you the strength to help you.  You just have to have the faith to believe that He will.

I never thought I would run with my husband again.  He has gone out with me a few times but really doesn’t like it.  He would much rather work out at the gym than to run with me.  Tonight he decided to go with me since I was only going to run 3 miles.  I decided that I needed to spend two days a week running a short distance but push myself to run faster during my short runs.  My husband kept up with me for the first mile.  We did that in 8:50!  Because he’s not used to running, he walked/jogged the rest of the way.  It will take him some time to build up his endurance but I know he can do it.  It is nice when he comes because he makes it fun for me.  He is my best friend and is such an encouragement.  Notice his t-shirt.  It says, “I love my wife.” I do love my husband!

It is really nice having the Garmin watch.  I know they are expensive but if your going to train, it is worth the investment.  Garmin has even come out with a cheaper version that is only about $100.  It will tell you time, speed, and distance.  That is the most important piece of information for me when I run.  I believe it is called the Garmin 10.

Only Half Crazy!

I look forward to Fridays!  After a long week of work it is nice knowing that there’s a weekend ahead.  I thought weekends were for rest, but for most people like me, it’s just more work but on my own terms!  The first task that I usually have to accomplish is grocery shopping because the food is gone!  This year has been busier than ever since our four kids go to three different schools and get out at crazy times.  My 6th grade daughter made the basketball team so now we have that on our plate as well.  The joys of parenthood.  I wouldn’t change it because 16 years ago I had  2 miscarriages in a row and begged God for children.  God is good because he blessed us with four!

I honestly don’t like to cook but like to eat healthy.  To make things easy for me, I created this salad for my husband and my dinner last night.  It only takes five minutes and it’s delicious! All you have to do is add some fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cheese, and croutons!  I also like to add some grilled chicken and strawberries to the salad.  I don’t even have to cook the chicken because you can buy them already cooked and cut up!  My husband even enjoyed the meal.  You may be asking, “What about the kids?”  Don’t worry, I have dinner cooked for them in under ten minutes.  My daughter Naomi begged me to get corn dogs, so I got them for her yesterday.   It’s not very healthy for the kids but I served fresh strawberries and cucumbers, so they were happy.

So today was the day I was planning on running 12 miles!  That was my goal for today but I only ran 9 then walked 2 more miles to find my mom and friend Melody.  We all decided to meet up to run together.  We are all at different paces but go on our own and meet up at the end.  Today was hard for me.  I started out strong and noticed on my Garmin splits data, that I ran the first mile under 9 minutes.  I think I must of went to fast at the beginning.  I have read that you don’t want to do that for long runs. Your supposed to go slow and steady.  The problem is that I am still new and am trying to figure out what is comfortable to me.  I packed a cooler of water, Gatoraide, Gu, and apples for us.  After the first three miles I needed some energy because I didn’t eat breakfast.  I must have spent 2 minutes trying to open the Gu gel.  It would not open for me because my hands were wet.  Finally,  the thing opened and I took it quick so that my time wouldn’t be any slower.  By the next 3 miles I decided to skip the Gu because I was feeling sick to my stomach and came up with the idea that I could grab my apple and run and eat at the same time!  Sounds crazy but the apple was easy to hold in my hand, it was cold and juicy as well!  It was what I needed.  I may bring apples on my runs more often.  My time was a 10:50 minute mile average. It’s still right under my goal of 11 for my long runs. Since I was getting tired and will be going to Rock the Universe tonight, I decided not to run the last 3 miles.  I walked 2 and called it a day.  I will be walking plenty tonight so I need to rest my legs.

Wild Wednesday



Yesterday was such a busy day for me.  Wednesdays are my most hectic days of the week so  I decided to get up at 5:30 am to do a real quick mile run.  I figured since I really didn’t have time to devote to training, I would just focus on my speed.  I know most people wouldn’t even bother to get up for such a short run but I ended up doing 1.6 miles in about 14 minutes and I had some time to talk with God before my day began. I talk to God a lot while I am running.  I still managed to keep my time under a ten minute mile.  My philosophy is “Something is better than nothing.”  So if your struggling just to get out the door, just set short goals and take it one day at a time.

Right now my training consists of 2 short runs during the week and one long run on Saturday. If I do a little more, then it is a bonus!  During the short runs, I focus on my speed.  Right now I am trying to keep under a 10 minute mile with a goal of a 9 minute average.  I haven’t reached it yet but will continue to try.  On Saturdays, I focus on distance so my time is longer.  This system seems to work for me.  The other days I like to take Zumba class and some strength training at the YMCA.  One book that I highly recommend to read is “4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon.” I have learned so much and it even provides a menu plan for the race week.  I plan on trying the menu out the week of my 1/2 marathon in November.  I purchased the book on Amazon and it was cheap. (more…)