An Awesome Day Off Work!

Yesterday I wanted to go for a run but I decided that I needed a day of rest.  After all the Lord even tells us to take a rest day.  We went to church as family like we usually do but it was different yesterday.  We all went to Sunday School together to kick off the new Gospel Project that our whole church is doing (Shiloh Baptist in Plant City).  I think it will be great because everyone will be studying the same lesson just on different levels.  Now we can have great discussions with our kids during the week.  I can’t wait to see how it will work.

Garmin 110 GPS Running WatchThis morning we had off work!  YEAH!  So I decided I would do a quick run to test out my new Garmin watch.  I ran 3 miles in under 30 minutes.  I know that isn’t quite impressive ,but for someone like me, it was a great time.  I liked that I was able to look at my watch to see my time, pace, and distance.  Once I knew I was close to 3 miles I pushed myself not to walk at the end so that I can get my time in under 30 minutes.Usually I go for 3.1 miles but I knew my time would be over 30 minutes.  Just once in my life I wanted to see it under 30 !  I was able to set a new PR goal with the Garmin.  I set it for 27 minutes.  I must be crazy because I forgot about that last .10 of a mile for the 5K so my time will need to be under 9 minutes per mile.  I will try to work on that for my short runs.  I have been reading some running books and really like the walk 1 minute/ run 4 minute plan.  It seems to work for me.  I have no idea how real runners run the whole time without a break.  I need that walking break!

Once I got home I realized that I could go to the morning Zumba class at the YMCA.  I quickly took a shower so I can get there.  If anyone hasn’t taken a class, I think you should try it! It’s so much fun that you don’t even feel like your working out.  I love to dance so it goes by so fast.  I even convinced my husband once to take a Zumba class with me.  He has been to a few with me and thought it was a great workout.  It’s a little weird for him because not many men are in there so he tries to go when our friend Josh comes.  This year the girls are in dance so my Zumba classes are few during the week.  I honestly considered not signing them up because their lessons were on Zumba days but knew that would be wrong.

That is the joy of motherhood.  We get to balance work, life, kids, and often we let ourselves go last.  It helps me to make a schedule of when I can workout so that I can hold myself accountable.  Sometimes that may require me to get up before the sun so that I can be with the family when they wake up.

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