5K Under 30 minutes Deserves ice Cream!

Today  I decided to do my running at the gym since I was going to Zumba class anyways.  Running on treadmill is boring to me but since I was going only 3.1 miles, it was worth getting it done early verses waiting until the sun goes down.  I was lucky to get on the treadmill next to Abby and we started chatting.  It makes the time go by faster.  My goal was to get the whole 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes.  If Abby wasn’t there, I probably would have given up the last five minutes.  She was so kind enough to stay. Thanks so much! I know you can reach that goal as well.  The whole time I was running, all I could think about was the ice cream that I purchased last week.  So I told myself if I get my run in, I can have that delicious ice cream.  Once I arrived at the house, I went straight to the kitchen and had a bowl of ice cream.  I know it’s not the healthiest option out there but once in a while it’s ok.  I do eat healthy meals for the most part.  This morning I had a glass of orange juice and oatmeal with flax-seed.  Then I had a very small salad and apple for lunch.  M husband grilled steak for dinner so I just ate a few bites.  I’m not a huge fan of meat so I only needed a couple of bites.  I didn’t have any sides because I was planning on having those after my workout.  But the ice cream was calling my name instead!  I try not to worry about calories and stuff.  As long as your making healthy food choices then you should be fine.  Splurging of deserts is fine as long as you don’t have them every day.

Last Saturday I ran with Tina at Lake Hollingsworth.  I forgot to take a picture since I usually don’t carry my phone.  I was glad she was there because after my first three miles, I was really ready to go home but ran back to find her on the path.  It was nice to chat.  Sometimes I focus so much on trying to improve my time that I forget to just slow down and enjoy the run.  I did order some water bottles to go on my running belt.  I haven’t tried them yet but will use them once I increase my distance so I am not thirsty.  The run at Bayshore really made me realize that I should always carry water with me on my long runs. I wonder what other runners do to stay hydrated during long runs?


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  • I have the bottle for my belt, but it can be a pain when it jostles around. But, hey, if you’re thirsty, it’s worth it!