26.2 Mile Prayer Journey at Disney Marathon 2013


This morning we had to wake up at 3:00 am to get ready for the Disney Marathon.  This was mine and my friend Tina’s first marathon.  My nerves were kicking in all week because of my IT band injury that I still have.  I have been going to physical therapy and the Dr. for the problem but decided not to get the shot last week.  I do not like needles and had a panic attack!  On Friday my husband brought me flowers and 26 scripture verses to read for each mile.  I am so thankful for those verses.  I clung to them the whole 26.2 miles.  Since I didn’t want hold too much stuff I decided to write the names of the people I was to pray for each mile on the scripture verses.

My corral started a few minutes before 6:00, so I opened my purple piece of paper and begin to pray for husband during mile 1.  Praying and reading God’s Word the whole 26.2 miles was an indescribable experience for me.  There were times when the scripture lined up for exactly person I was praying for.  When I needed to Lord’s strength, there was a new verse.  My heart became very heavy as I was praying for my family, in-laws, cousins, friends, co-workers, church, and so on.  I thought I was going to fall on my knees and cry out to God but knew I needed to keep running.  Sometimes I would get all choked up and would need to take a deep breath.  The Lord just kept revealing issues that I needed to work out in my heart as I prayed for others.  The time flew by so fast.  If you ever go run, having a set scripture and prayer list ready is amazing.

Meanwhile as I was praying I was also dealing with pain issues from my IT band.  As I was pondering on God’s Word, I couldn’t help but realize that this pain I was experiencing was nothing that our Lord Jesus Christ experience.  He carried the cross for us so that we could have eternal live through His death and resurrection.  That’s when I knew I would have to swallow my pride and not worry about my time anymore.  This was a time for me to thank the Lord for all that He does for us and He was going to get me through this marathon, not me.

The overall marathon experience was so encouraging.  People are calling out your name and cheering you up.  That is what the bible tells us to do.  We are to encourage each other daily.  Can you imagine if we lived a daily marathon where we encourage each other to do our best at our jobs, to keep going strong in your marriage, to not give up when it hurts?

My favorite thing about this marathon is that I didn’t get hungry!  I made sure I ate plenty a few days before.  You will see my desert from Friday night!  Yummy!  I did gain 2 pounds but I did not want to hit the runner’s wall.  It worked!  They passed out chocolate!  I will run for that.  Usually, I watch every food I put in my body but this weekend, I did not care.  I figured this is the one time I can eat what I want and I would burn it off.

My poor husband’s kidney stones were acting up during the whole marathon.  I kept praying for him and when I saw him at mile 18, he was on the ground sitting in pain.  My heart hurt for him and at the end I drove him home while he was having terrible pain.  It was getting scary and he had a fever.  He still is in pain so I am praying the Lord will help him pass the stones.

Thanks again everyone who prayed for me during this journey.  The words of encouragement has been more than awesome.


3 Responses to “26.2 Mile Prayer Journey at Disney Marathon 2013

  • You are such a blessing to this world!

    Way to run the race!

    • You are such an inspiration to me Jessica. Your faith, your love for your family, and your love for the Lord. I’m so proud of your accomplishment and how even though you had pain from your IT Band at mile 4, you persevered all the way to the end. You are AMAZING and I love you dearly! Congratulations. You truly deserve it.

  • Jessica, you have grown so much through this. you have blessed many people myself included. I am so prould of you!!! I love how you prayed for people and read scripture each step of the way. What a blessing to you, the person you prayed for and God who was with you through this!!! Way to go!!!!