13 miles and not crazy!

We had a great run this morning.  The plan was to meet up with my friend Tina, Melody, and my mom at Lake Hollingsworth.  Once we arrived to the lake I was in the parking lot and got a text from Tina saying there wasn’t any place to park.  I have never had that happened so I was thinking she was in the wrong place until I noticed the parking lot was blocked off.  There was a cardboard boat making contest going on today.  It looked like it was going to be fun.  Those people are serious boat making machines.  I wish I had my phone on me to snap a picture.

We all run at different paces so we kind of go our own route but it is nice passing everyone along the way.  We just wave and smile at each other so it’s like an extra boost of confidence to get you going when you see your friend running.  I usually run clockwise then go counter clock wise so that I can pass my beautiful friends on the way.   Since we had to park at the park down the road, I didn’t get my drink and snack every three miles because I was too lazy to run the extra .3 of mile to my vehicle.  I did run by my vehicle once to get a drink and an apple.  Thank God,  there was a water station along the lake or else I would have passed out.  I don’t sweat very much so I know there isn’t much water loss but it starts to get hot after a while and I like to splash it on my face. The great thing about running with others is that it pushes you to get out that door and go!  No matter what your striving to do, it’s better with a friend to help you along the way and you more likelyto make your goal.


I was happy to make my goal today of running at least 12 miles.  Honestly I was ready to stop at twelve but had to keep running because of where I was parked.  That is the disadvantage of running a lake.  I was forced to go farther even though I didn’t want to.  I am glad I did.  I  thought I turned my watch off but didn’t at the end.  I stopped and took a picture with my mom and drank some water.  We took our sweet little time loading up the car.  Once I got in and started to go out, I heard the Garmin beep. We started to laugh because the last split shows me running a 1 minute mile or something like that!  The split before that showed me running a 15 minute mile because I stopped to chat and get the drinks! How did they do it with out all this technology?  I still mess it up due to my lack of knowledge.


Once I got home my fabulous husband had heart shaped pancakes for me.  He is the best!  Now that will give you a reason to run!  If food was ready and waiting every time I ran, I would do it more often!   No cooking ever!  Yeah!


Avg Pace
Summary 2:25:26.7 13.13 11:05
1 9:30.9 1.00 9:30
2 9:48.2 1.00 9:48
3 10:11.0 1.00 10:11
4 12:12.3 1.00 12:13
5 10:05.1 1.00 10:05
6 10:37.1 1.00 10:37
7 11:26.0 1.00 11:25
8 10:56.5 1.00 10:57
9 10:40.1 1.00 10:40
10 11:09.8 1.00 11:10
11 11:31.7 1.00 11:32
12 11:48.3 1.00 11:49
13 15:14.5 1.00 15:14
14 :15.0 0.13 1:58

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